Osvaldo Cavandoli (‘Cava’) will long be remembered
with great affection by a whole generation as the creator
of the cartoon figure ‘Mr Linea’. In 1998 he came to Dubrovnik
and over the next few years, in cooperation with Tea, produced
a set of 37 drawings inspired by episodes and stories from the
history of the republic. These drawing, accompanied by the
story or historic episode that inspired them, were produced as
a book. There are now four edition of the book, each including
35 of the drawings and the accompanying story in three or four
So far we have versions in Croatian, English, Italian, French,
Irish Gaelic and, the latest, a Scandinavian edition in
Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Many unsuspecting visitors
to the gallery have found themselves promising to contribute a
translation in their own language. As a result we have version
in German, Hungarian, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek and Filipino
waiting to be published.

We have available in the gallery not only copies of the book in
this wide choice of langauges but also limited edition signed
prints of each of Cava's drawings.